May 27, 2010 at 9:34 pm

I could really rant on all day about AOL TalkTalk’s useless and irritating service, but instead I’m going to moan about one aspect, and it doesn’t just imply TalkTalk, there’s a lot of other ISP’s who do the same thing.
When you sign up to your beloved ISP, you typically (unless your ISP is really cheap) send you a router (that big black/white box with an antenna or three, or none). You expect it to work and that’s that. Wrong!
The quality of the units (and probably any junk that comes out of China) are really shocking. Two years ago the Speedtouch 576 (which came with an Easy Setup CD which really didn’t work) decides to no longer connect to the internet no longer than three nanoseconds. After my Dad arguing with the indian person at the other end of the phone, managed to get a new ‘Netgear DG834G wireless router’, only it turned out to be another Speedtouch router, lovely. Two years later that’s on the verge of giving up, and AOL won’t replace it unless we sign up for a new contract. Not a chance.
Nothing is built to last longer than two years it seems. It also doesn’t help that half the ISP’s send out friggin’ SpeedShit Speedtouch (They’re now Thompson branded the newer ones) 585’s. TalkTalk do it, Tiscali now do it, O2 do it under the name Wireless Box II, even BT! Yes, your beloved BT Home Hub is infact a Speedtouch inside. Congratulations, expect it to pack up within six months.
I wouldn’t be making this post if Speedtouch routers weren’t so naff. Granted the web interface and that is very good, much better than BT, but even then, the reliability is shocking! The current 585 I use for internet at the moment, recently went through a spell of ‘I’m going to reboot every 5-20 minutes ha ha ha ha’. Had to reset the thing, oh it works again.
Probably the only router that’s ever worked, well it isn’t even a router, it’s a ADSL USB Modem which we got when we first got AOL Broadband. Still works well, and that’s going seven years now!
Well, I’ve now ordered a Netgear DGN2000 wireless router to replace the speedtouch, and we’ll see how that goes. Hoping better.

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