June 8, 2010 at 6:13 pm

You get the feeling that your day is going so so well, better than expected, then suddenly that all comes crashing down to earth.

Last two times I had days like this, I completely buggered up an exam and had a generally depressive day, and the one before that I get sacked from my job because I’m not laid back enough, am apparently aggressive (not denying if things don’t go well I will get a bit grumpy, but that’s not aggressive) and couldn’t come in for two days I said I would. No discussion on the matter, just told I’m useless, given money and kicked out fuck off goodbye. (Not those exact words but that was the impression given).

Anyway, that’s Stroud for you. The sooner I move away from that shithole the better. Holds so many bad bad memories from the past seven years.

Today, exam went much much better than expected, better when finding out I had similar answers to the other person doing the same exam, I find a potential job in a local Hotel once my exams are finished, neck is much better (been strained recently), something’s due to happen soon which is going to put me in a shit mood for the next few days.

It’s annoying trying to figure out what’s going to go so tits up. I got a feeling it’s the Dell for some reason (touch wood)

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