July 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm

I’ve finally managed to get a job at long last. It may be at TESCO, but it’s not a bad job compared to what I could be doing, stacking shelves and at the till. It’s a bit more than that.

The job involves me advising customers on electronic goods, including TV’s, laptops, digital camera’s, printers, even electronic blenders. Someone who’s been at the same job I’ve got into says it’s one of the better jobs at TESCO. Bit more info at http://www.tescotechsupport.com/.

I really wasn’t expecting to get the job, since originally ten applied and there were only two vacancies. That number went down to six on the day of the interview, with only four turning up (myself included). Two fell at the first hurdle (the technology test, which involved questions on technical knowledge, such as how many speakers are there in a 5.1 setup and name as many TV inputs as possible) and me and someone else (now co-worker) went and did the group interview as well as the role play. Then accepted (subject to legal terms) into the job. Open-mouthed smile

Also had a training session in the afternoon. All on a nice warm (not boiling) Saturday. Not complaining. Just waiting for the induction.

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