July 30, 2010 at 2:37 pm

I’m off camping in a couple of weeks, which should be nice. Hoping that the weather isn’t naff. One problem I may be facing is charging my iPhone during the camp.

During the five days I’m off camping, I may be able to access a power point. Not sure for certain yet, but it’s possible. I’d like to make sure though, so I bought this: the Veho Pebble.


Currently on offer for £34.95 inc Postage on Gizoo for you UK residents.

Looking at it and using it for a while, it’s brilliant. Comes with instructions which aren’t too daunting, 12 different adaptors (including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, iPhone and mini-usb, and of course Nokia). Power capacity is 5000mAh and people say it can do around four full charges of an iPhone which is pretty good. Has clear indications on how much power is left, and isn’t too weighty. Weighs around the same as my iPhone. Not much more I can say about it.

One major downside is the lack of wall adaptor. It comes with a USB cable to plug into a computer, but nothing to plug into a conventional wall. Fortunately I have my Garmin mini-iDevice charger which has a USB port on it. Convenient.

Highly recommend it. We’ll see how well it does on the trip.

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