October 28, 2010 at 8:22 pm

I do seriously love having ear infections (he lied).

I’ve had this ear infection since early Monday morning. At that point it was really painful, couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear and just felt sick. That pretty much continued the whole of Monday, starting to get better after having something to eat and taking painkillers which were having some effect.

Tuesday morning, pain is back for a few hours, still couldn’t hear much out the ear, and then I feel dizzy. Eventually start going back to lectures, not 100% well but well enough to endure donuts and system development. Ear is a lot better

Wednesday was earache again, feeling dizzy again, but passed quite quickly. Thursday was just the annoyance of not being able to hear much out the ear, but improving by the hour. Let’s hope Friday’s a lot better, and Saturday it’s near gone.

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