October 14, 2010 at 2:49 pm

  Twitter’s API’s have got way overcomplex quickly, and it’s not fun to play with. I still fail to understand how oAuth works with Twitter, despite their FAQ tutorial explaining the differences between Basic Auth and oAuth and using postcards to demonstrate it.

What’s set me off today? Well on WordPress I have a plugin called Twitter Tools, which allows me to have twitter status’ on the sidebar, and it’s pretty good and simple. It also allows me to send tweets when I post a blog post, like this one. Very useful, highly recommend (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-tools/)

However Twitter have overcomplicated things with security and their API access, which makes setting up Twitter Tools with the new settings a royal pain. (Basic Auth is now history). Before, I could just enter username, password, done. Now, I have to register my blog as an application. Madness eh. The steps to do this isn’t friendly either. twitterregplextwittercomplex

These are the steps I had to follow. First I had to register the blog as a full fledged application, then I had to get four different keys.

Simple is the way forward. Obviously not too simple because that can cause serious security concerns, but oversupermassivehypercomplicated isn’t the way either.

At least Twitter Tools works again, until the next big change.

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