October 24, 2010 at 12:10 am

Drawbacks of having to start work at 6am in the morning on a Saturday. My sleep pattern is off kilter.

Last night, went to sleep at 10pm (ish), whilst being woken up a few times by the doorbell and drunkards for an hour before it calmed down. I wake up by myself at 3.30am and get up otherwise I would oversleep. Breakfast, TV, quick computer game then taxi to work.

I’m then working for eight hours, various jobs being the usual dot-com stuff, trying to find my clock-in card and working in produce and dairy (cold!). Afterwards, it was getting back to the flat and stupidly decided to walk it. Lovely torrential downpour half way up a hill.

Hour later I get back home, time is now 3pm. Have a bite to eat, sit down, lie on my bed for a while. I wake up at 10.30pm.

It’s now 1am on Sunday morning, and I don’t feel tired. Help me!

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