October 18, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Quick background on the story, this weekend I went back home in Gloucestershire. Monday morning, I catch a train from Chippenham to Bristol Temple Meads. With me is a bag with belongings and a suitcase with clothes in it (my mum insisted I take washing home, so I did)

Now my ideal way of getting back to the flat was to catch a Ulink bus from Bristol Temple Meads, past Bower Ashton and then all the way back to Frenchay. Simple enough and cost me nothing (bus pass).

Here’s the reality which I should have foreseen. The first two buses never turned up. Either they just didn’t exist or they just passed the train station because it was so full. The two after that that did show up, were way way over packed. From looking in the bus it seemed to be over the (legal) maximum capacity. (I need to check what the law says on that, I dare trust Wikipedia). Legal or not, I wasn’t going to fit onto that bus with a small suitcase. Not a chance.

Knowing the next bus was going to be the same problem, either I pay £12 to get a taxi to Frenchay or get a train to Parkway and get a bus/walk to Frenchay. Train was cheaper (£3), bus from Parkway to Frenchay was a rip off (£1.90, bad bad First buses).

I should have realised that me getting a Ulink bus I can fit on or turning up at 9am on a Monday morning was as likely as me winning the euro millions. Either they need to have bigger buses, more frequent services or a new route to ease the congestion. At the moment, it’s unacceptable.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Bristol FTW! I live there 🙂