November 29, 2010 at 12:00 am

This last weekend has been well, tiring and fun. Cold as well.

As usual, my weekend starts bright and early at 4am. Hour to get up, get dressed, have something to eat and get out to walk 2.5 miles to work. I was initially expecting it to be freezing cold, it was surprisingly alright. Cold it was, but no chilling wind. Walking for 40 mins in –2C whilst trying not to go ice skating (it had snowed the previous night as well) was more boring than expected.

And there starts my superextended shift at Tesco. Usually lasting from 6-12, I was begged pretty much to stay on until 2pm. By then I’m worn out. It’s then another 40 minute walk back to the flat since the Ulink bus wouldn’t be much quicker than me walking. This time I was listening to Hub Radio on my phone, listening to me being mocked about my lack of taste for Christmas music (*shudders*).

3pm, thought now I’m back at the flat I could relax. Nope. My MacBook, which I got back from repair #5 just last week developed another problem. This time the CTRL key on the keyboard was jammed. This effectively made my MacBook redundant and useless since on OS X, holding the CTRL key acts as a right click, so anything on the mouse is right click and right click + scroll = zoom etc, and I couldn’t type properly. Windows, can’t even get past the password prompt so that’s that.

An hour or two later, I’m on the bus back into Bristol centre to the Apple store to moan and grumble about the latest problem with my doomed MacBook. Some good news at last, the MacBook is being replaced for free since the number of problems I’ve had to deal with has been one (or five) too many. Only snag is due to the ordering process, and because my MacBook is the second newest model, not the newest, they’ve got to order a new one in. By new one, I mean a brand new latest MacBook. They just can’t give me one from the store. They have to order it in. It sucks. It’s the middle of the Christmas Shopping Pavlava. It’s going to be a big wait. Meanwhile I have a Macbook that I can’t use. I’m so glad I took out that Three mobile broadband and netbook offer! Go go impulse.

To finish things off for that day, I’m “producing” (Quoted from Alex Wyatt) Alex’s radio show. By that I mean I’m on his show, but for the first hour he doesn’t put my mic on, my netbook decides to disconnect from the internet half way through a song ruining a track live (I blame Dell) and other random mockery as per the norm.

Hello Sunday, 7.44am. Phone call to ask where am I in 10 mins. Whoops. Today I went gliding for the first time. Fun experience, also an opportunity for me to go home since the gliding club UWE uses is near my hometown. ( Didn’t know what to expect from the day, but I enjoyed myself and got into the air fine. I also had the rents (parents) watch me as well since they were nearby.

Come back around 6pm, thought I could relax. Nope. I’m dragged into playing Call of Duty Zombies and Left 4 Dead. Fun.

Final Note: A blog post where I’m actually blogging and not really ranting about my sh*t life. Life will never be the same!

November 29, 2010 at 12:00 am | Blog | 6 comments

6 responses to “Another tiresome weekend passes”

  1. Chris B says:

    My week was better.

  2. Matt says:

    Go on chris, enlighten me.

  3. CHANTERZ. says:

    i like it when your not ranting, do this more often, I actually laughed at this, and not in mockery 😀

  4. Matt says:

    Alex: Scum Scum Scum Scum Scum Scum

  5. . says:

    stop fucking moaning all the time!

  6. Matt says:

    actually, it wasn’t much of a moan this time. Thank you very much.