November 30, 2010 at 7:28 am

As a result of yesterday’s sleep mishap (read last blog post), I was determined not to do the same thing again today (sleep until 4pm).

Well last night, I drank a lot of energy drinks anticipating staying up all night doing work. That sort of happened. We (me and friends) did work in the labs until around midnight, when everyone else fled off. I decided enough was enough as well and went back.

Now thanks to the energy drinks, I didn’t feel tired at all. What do I do until 11am? Well for the first three hours, watch a film and do random stuff on the internet (not porn!). 3am, I bother to do my washing since otherwise I would run out of underwear and socks! Whilst waiting for the washing to be done, watch The Simpsons on my netbook as well as drunken students pass after they’ve been kicked out of RED bar after closing for the night. Two flatmates pass and say hello (by that I mean Rich and Andy are violently shaking me).

An hour or so later, my washing is done, take it all back upstairs and start to pack away/hang up/put on line for a bit more drying/airing. However I then get distracted by a flatmate (Rich) who wasn’t feeling at all well. Pretty much suffering the effects from a suspected spiked drink. He had gone pale and started being sick a lot which wasn’t nice. Whilst Andy came along to make sure he was alright, I went to get a lockout card since Rich locked himself out his room. After that he was taxi’d to A&E and  he’s now at hospital being checked over along with Andy. He should be fine.

(Side note, why not an ambulance? Surely an ambulance would be quicker and cheaper!)

So all in all, an eventful night, and a boring day commences. The snowfall was rubbish as well!

An eventful night somewhat.

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