April 14, 2011 at 11:53 am

Since using mobile broadband from 3 is faster than using my home land line connection, since I’ve come home for the term break I have just used mobile broadband for general internet usage. It’s just a lot better and faster. Then again, I have AOL TalkTalk for an ISP. Enough said.

However, I didn’t check my mobile broadband dongle usage, nor did 3Connect give me a notification saying I was about to go over my limit. So without thinking, I unknowingly went over my limit yesterday. It was only until today, that when I connected, 3Connect finally gave me a warning saying I was over my limit. Feeling quite alarmed at the message, I went to check My3 to see what was what, and to my disgust, I’ve been charged £16.76 for exceeding my limit.

I’m charged 10p per MB when I go over my limit. Perfect for when you were using 3G on your 2003 mobile phone with a small screen and a physical keypad, but for today’s world. It’s just a plain rip off.

3 will not wave the charges, though for an extra £4/month I can upgrade to a 5GB limit, but they won’t waive the outstanding charges. Then they tried to offer me £25.99/month for a new 15GB contract, and would waive half of the £17 charges, which I kindly said no I’m not interested. I’m not that easily bribed into a new contract. Now I can’t wait for my contract to end in… 16 months.

So yeah, not happy. Not not happy. I’m looking forward to my £35 bill which is going to mess up my finances. Thank you Three UK and Minecraft, since the latter has been taking up my wasted time and caused me to neglect My3.


Update: Well first off, that figure of £16.76 is now £17.22. Money thieving bastards. Second, since I know I’m going to be using my mobile broadband dongle a lot more often in the Summer, it’s made sense to upgrade to the 5GB plan. Thankfully I don’t have to start a new contract, so in 15 months time I’ll be glad it’s gone. Third, this shake up of stuff may be useful in the long term. For an extra £4 a month I get 5GB extra data a month. This also means I can get rid off the 2GB internet bolt-on on my iPhone contract, saving me £5.11 a month. Net gain, £1.11 a month. It’s better than nothing.

Still got to pay that blasted overcharge. Still fuming about it. Should have left it be, racked it up to stupid amounts, and then protested massively, get in the news, cause a fuss and then get it waived off… oops. There goes my wild and unimaginative imagination.

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