April 29, 2011 at 1:28 am

Been having (alcohol-fueled) fun with Kinect for the XBOX 360. Pretty damn good. Yesterday me, Rob, James and Simon played Kinect Adventures, had some fun with that before getting exhausted and moving to CoD Black Ops. Tonight it was Kinect Sports, which at the moment seems to be the best kinect game out there. Pretty damn good, gets tiring quick. Rob’s competitive edge has come out as well, wants to beat the ‘Professional’ team on Kinect Sports football.

The only problem I’ve really had with Kinect so far is uploading content online. In some games, like Sports, you have to upload it at the moment, not all at once at a later point like Adventures. Not much you can do about that. Next problem, the kinectshare.com site is useless at uploading photo’s and video’s to Facebook. I’ve only tried this in Chrome but the site keeps telling me to log out of Facebook and log back in and does nothing. Oh well, downloading it manually works and uploading it to youtube.

This is us playing Bowling in Kinect Sports. Please excuse the frankly, poor dancing on my part.

Kinect Sports: Bowling with mates.

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