August 9, 2011 at 10:16 pm

Before I go any further, this is not me complaining about my job in any way. I don’t mind the job(s) that I do, and this post is not me having a go at the company or my respective stores, I’m just opening putting out my opinion, which I have shared with some TESCO staff and friends. Let me be clear on that.

Now, first off I refer you to this site, Not immediately available on the homepage, but easy enough to stumble on. Now I’m going to quote this from their site.

We make it a top priority to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible: we want to stop our store waste going into landfill sites

As well as reducing packaging, it also helps the environment to reuse packaging where possible. A great example of where we are doing this is across our produce range, where we use returnable ‘green trays’. This saved 132,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging in 2007/08. We are now rolling out a similar system with clothing hangers too.

Now, from experience working at checkouts, people will come along with clothes from the clothing range. I will ask if they want to keep the clothes hangers and offer to remove them if the customer doesn’t want them. Most of the time, the answer is a no. Since I started doing evening shifts, at 10pm I’m sometimes helping out clearing the boxes with all the clothes hangers, tags, and security boxes. I saw one of my colleagues put the hangers into a carrier bag along with other rubbish, I sensibly asked why. To my absolute disgust, I was told that TESCO were no longer recycling clothes hangers. She also pointed out that the hanger recycling box had gone as well.

To put into perspective why I’m so disgusted, on average, you can fill around 3-5 bin bags worth of clothes hanger. Now multiply that for a week’s worth, 21-35 bags worth of clothes hangers, which are not being recycled! They are just being chucked into the compactor and put into landfill.

I’m now going back to what I quoted off the Greener Living website. I dare ask you TESCO Head office, why you are backing down on that statement (wouldn’t call it a promise). Now I don’t know if this is just an isolated case in my store at Kingsmeadow, or if this is more widespread. Perhaps I should check other stores to see if that is the case. Either way, it’s not really acceptable. I have voiced my opinion in an email to Head Office to see what they say, I will post back the response.

To add, any ‘Bag for Life’ bags which you ask to be replaced (which we will do), the bags are not recycled. They’re catalogued and then chucked with the rest of the generic rubbish. OK this is not as big quantity wise as hangers, but still disgusting, since there is normal carrier recycling!

Enough said, will wait for a response.

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2 responses to “TESCO + Recycling, it’s going backwards a bit.”

  1. Andy says:

    Well said Matt I hope you get the answer and recognition it deserves.

  2. Matt says:

    Well, I’m hoping so. I’m sure I’m not the only one in the store with that opinion. I bet I’m going to get the answer cost cutting. I now refer you to the profit for 2011.