December 11, 2012 at 10:26 pm

In root on my dedi, I’m normally well behaved. Then I slipped up. Though a normal set of circumstances, I end up deleting *everything* in /usr/bin (the unix equivalent of deleting all executables in system32).

All I was doing was upgrading transmission on my server. To make this happen I needed to delete the old bin files off my server. Found them in /usr/bin, but instead of rm transmission-* I ended up doing rm *. Then you wonder why nothing works, oh wait I just deleted every core unix application on my dedicated server of course nothing will work.

So yeah, stupid me. How did I get out of this situation. Thankfully I know people running Arch x64, got in contact with him, he sent me his /usr/bin folder. Then just to make sure, found a script online to reinstall every single package. All 600 of them (apart from arch key manager, that rubbish always hangs when updating).

Disaster averted, lesson learnt, I’m an idiot.

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