July 6, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Back in October, I was involved with a different kind of charity fundraising event – a 25 hour gaming marathon. The event, ‘Ctrl Alt Donate’, was run by one of my trusted friends Tig to raise money for Bristol Children’s Royal Hospital. Last Friday, £700 worth of toys and games were donated to the Hospital, a fantastic result!

Pile of gifts donated from funds generated by Ctrl Alt Donate

Pile of gifts donated from funds generated by Ctrl Alt Donate

If I rewind the clock days before the event on November 2nd 2013, I can remember me frantically trying to sort out internet access for the event. You’d think getting an internet connection was trivial but there’s a whole load of red tape to jump through with the university’s IT systems, making sure that computers were secure, security considerations, and so on and so on. It also didn’t help that there was an IT maintenance and shutdown weekend. It was looking unlikely to be able to get the provision, but days before the event, a breakthrough occurred, we had internet!

To see the toys finally appearing and being donated on Friday was a nice feeling, and to get a mention from Tig in the press release was really kind of him and I thank him for that.

But then this post on our Facebook group was made by Tig:

We need to do more for the hospital. What we’ve managed to do is huge but I had no idea just how much help they need. The quote that hurt me the most today was “what we do is still seen by many as being a luxury, rather than a key part of a child’s treatment”

What the event did was fantastic and raised a lot of money, there’s no doubt. However after hearing what Tig experienced on Friday, I think that just spurs the next Ctrl Alt Donate to be even bigger! Roll on Saturday 25 October.

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