August 27, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Not exactly flupl 1.0, nor exactly where I’d like flupl 2.0 to be, so 1.8 will do.

What’s changed?

  • New layout. I’ve finally got it to look fairly decent, ish. Still probably work to do on the interface front, but it’s personally an improvement
  • Backend is simplified, taken out nearly all duplication when I was being lazy and so on.
  • API is nearly ready, now the backend has been simplified.
  • My Account actually does something now!
  • Recent files on the homepage now shows the last eight files uploaded, with a thumbnail and when you put your cursor over the thumbnail, you get file stats
  • Site displays fine on all major browsers, including IE.


Ideally, I would have liked to have released flupl 2 fully, but I felt where I was at the moment was an improvement enough for me to release it. Things going into flupl 2.0 include a shortened direct link with working if wanted, file management (i.e. delete your file), and a preview page for images and other files. Any suggestions please do mention it.

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August 5, 2010 at 12:31 pm

For anyone who didn’t know, I have a simple online file uploader called flupl ( Very simple, you just upload a file, and you get given a direct link, with forum icons or thumbnails. That’s it in essence.

Now the backend PHP code is a bit of a mess and a hackjob really. There’s a lot of things which can be really simplified, and a few things that have been duplicated which can be cut down. As I’ve got nothing until university starts I decided to have a little work on the clean up. End result: flupl2 – which is coming along nicely.

Given it a slightly new look. One warning: I’m not brilliant at graphic design as I like to be, so this interface may change.


Slightly different interface, but essentially the same layout. At the top your links to login and logout, to access your account information and to access your files. Direct link can now be shrunk by using Clicking any of the link text area’s will highlight the whole link.

Uploading files box hasn’t changed much, apart from a customised button which I may change back. Can’t really customise the actual choose file button unless I use flash, which I’m refusing to. Working on getting an upload progress bar.

Recent files that an account has uploaded has gone a bit of a makeover. Instead of a list of the last eight files, you get thumbails of the last eight files. Hover over them with your mouse, and you can see the filename, type, size and md5 hash. Click on the thumbnail and you can view the links to those files.

To open the file, click on either the thumbnail or icon in the top right and it will open in a new tab.

That’s the main interface getting there. With account information, you can now change your email address! A feature I keep forgetting to do. You can see other stats as well. File listing won’t change much, but what I will do is allow the feature of deleting files. Other things I’m thinking of is custom file names. I’m still thinking.

It’s a work in progress, but it’s only happening because I have time to waste.

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June 4, 2010 at 9:24 pm

Done a small update to flupl, modified social sharing options (added stumbleupon, digg and delicious). Icons found from (Social Media icons by Tom Plechacek)

Also trialling ads… lame. I shouldn’t really, but chances are you probably have an adblocker anyway, and they don’t do much harm. They’re not obtrusive, no popups, and even if it’s $0.01 towards the server cost, it’s $0.01. Lame, but you never know. If they’re useless they’ll come off.

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