No-one likes reading the ‘Terms and Conditions’, so I’ve kept it short. Please read these terms before agreeing to any hosting provided by me (MPRW).

Terms & Conditions

Last updated: August 2016

MPRW shall provide its services to YOU (Customer, User) under the following Terms and conditions of this agreement.

You MUST understand and agree that the service is provided ‘as-is’ and that MPRW assumes no responsibility for any users content.

Section 1 – MPR-Web Standard Website Hosting
1. Bandwidth – There is a soft limit of 1000GB. All websites may be under some form of QoS to ensure all services from all customers are available for use. If you are consuming near to or above the bandwith limit, you may be asked to move to a higher bandwith plan.
2. Disk space – There is a hard limit of 10GB per customer. If more space is required, you may be asked to move to a higher bandwidth plan.
3. Database – There is a hard limit of 1 database per customer and a 1GB size limit per database. If more databases or space is required, you may be asked to move to a higher bandwidth plan.
4. Domains – Users are expected to use their own domains. A temporary subdomain may be requested. Unless domains are managed or DNS services hosted by MPRW are used, MPRW is not responsible for any domain or DNS management.
5. Backup – Users are responsible for their web content, and are responsible for backing up their data. MPRW does perform regular backups as part of an internal backup strategy. MPRW will not be responsible nor liable for any data misplaced or lost for any reason.
6. Content – There is no restriction on the content hosted by users, as long as the content is not unlawful. Any unlawful content will be removed and agreements suspended and/or terminated, and you may be reported to the relevant authorities. Such unlawful/prohibited content includes but not limited to:
– Spamming
– Fraudulent Activities and Phishing Scams
– Pirated media and sharing
– Illegal content

Section 2 – MPR-Web Domain DNS Hosting
1. Domain management will be through the provided DNS admin tool.
2. MPRW will only be responsible for maintaining the DNS servers. Users are responsible for the management of their domains.

Section 3 – Accounts and Billing

1. MPRW will invoice customers on a yearly basis 30 days prior to an existing agreement ending. Customers will have 30 days to pay this invoice. Failure to pay the invoice on time may result in disruption or termination of any services.
2. MPRW reserves the right to terminate any services immediately if the user is performing any illegal activity on any MPRW servers, and
3. MPRW reserves the right to end any agreements early. Refunds will be issued retrospectively for any services which are not utilised.