Sunshine Hospital Radio is the station for Weston General Hospital, Weston-Super-Mare. In 2018 they wanted some additional help with finishing their refit of Studio 1 in time for their 40th anniversary.

Technical assistance was given to finish wiring equipment to their Studio 1 mixing desk and to provide a unique ceiling lighting system for the studio.

Using an Arduino based controller and RGB LED strips, lights in the ceiling can be controlled based on events in the studio. Lights will normally be yellow to represent Sunshine, red represents ‘mic live’ when any microphone is on, and flashing purple indicates an incoming call, or to indicate a call is still on the line. The Arduino accepts NC and NO inputs from the Telephone Balancer Unit and Sonifex S2 mixer to control the light conditions.

Studio 1 with the ceiling lights. Yellow for normal operation, red for ‘mic live’, flashing purple for an incoming call.
The Arduino based RGB LED controller prototype, along with the second revision PCB.

Source code for the Arduino controller is on GitHub.

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