Between 2011 and 2015, I worked for the Media & IT department for UWE Students’ Union (UWESU) since 2011, and have been either been the lead web designer or have been part of the team in charge of the website.

The website runs on the MSL Content Management System, which is specifically designed and tailored for Students’ Unions and membership management.

My responsibilities have changed over the last five years, but the core of my role was to assist with the front end of the website, and to manage and query the large membership database behind it, storing over 22,000 students and their activities while keeping the Data Protection Act 1998 in mind.

The UWESU website from 2012

Throughout my time with UWESU, I have helped design and implement pages within the website for various departments. Unique pages/minisites include include the Freshers 2012 mini-site, Ctrl+Alt+Donate, UWESU Bars Minisite and The UWE Charter.

Redesigned UWESU Bars minisite

Redesigned UWESU Bars minisite


Redesigned UWESU Bars minisite


I have also made improvements to the underlying templates, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery, making the site more efficient in the process and making page development much easier.


The website template from 2011 to 2015, is co-designed by me, Richard George, Dushyant Kanungo and Laurie Jackson. The template may have changed over thosefour years, but the core design still exists, and this was designed by James Greenhalgh.

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